Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spearfishing at Second Valley

A spearfishing ban at Second Valley was proclaimed in March 1992. Page 16 of the 2008 “SA Recreational Fishing Guide” says “Spearfishing . . . is not permitted . . . in the waters of Second Valley Bay”. As reported in my blog at , "A new sign has now been installed at Second Valley, advising of the spearfishing ban in the bay where the jetty is located." (See details in the photo in my blog. Double click on it to enlarge the image.) So it seems that the ban does not apply to all of Second Valley, only the first bay there. Spearing is apparently allowed in the second bay and beyond. It also seems that spearing would be allowed at Lasseters Reef if it is outside of the line between the two points either side of the jetty. Now it may well be that "the waters of Second Valley Bay” only ever meant the first bay. I believe that the second bay and Lasseters Reef ought to be included in the banned area. Even then, spearing would still be allowed along the edge of the two points. Perhaps that whole section of coast ought to be included in the ban. Any marine life there needs to be protected for the enjoyment of divers and snorkellers. As it stands at present, policing the current ban would be difficult. Spearfishers may enter or exit the 1st bay but be able to say that they only speared outside of the bay.

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