Monday, April 13, 2009

Back at The Bluff again

11/4/09 I returned to The Bluff at Victor Harbor for a dive. The viz was a bit disappointing but I still tried taking a few photos & videos. I didn't get to see any large octopus this time but a large leafy seadragon more than made up for that. There were a couple of schools of fish around my exit point. I even got to video a seal following my dive. Some of my photos and videos can be viewed at

Return to Second Valley

28/3/09 I returned to Second Valley for the first time since late January. There was still no replacement signage regarding a spearfishing ban there. I dived in the 1st bay left of the jetty. I was doing a special project which may be revealed later on. I ended up around the rocky point where the jetty was no longer in view. The boat sheds have now been removed from the rocky point. I photographed a very large male Rainbow Fish which I saw out near the point. I returned to the jetty steps which were now well out of the water so I had to swim over to the sandy beach.

I took this short video out near the point. Check out the large snook which disappears as quickly as it arrived. More photos and this video can be viewed at