Monday, October 26, 2009

Second Valley jetty steps update

I almost forgot to report that, just over 2 weeks ago, the steps on the Second Valley jetty were completely gone, removed, non-existant. Entry & exit to the water needed to be made either via the rocks or the beach. Hopefully the steps will be replaced or rebuilt before too long.

Adelaide Shopper feature 23rd October

The Advertiser chose me at random for the weekly feature in the Adelaide Shopper liftout. I was advertising my friend's son's wetsuit for sale through the on-line classifieds. The Advertiser interviewed me over the phone and then sent a photographer down to take a few shots to work with for the feature. The colour photo was on the front page of the liftout section. A smaller version of this photo featured on the front page of the newspaper. The B&W photo was inside the liftout section. You can't buy publicity like that. The wetsuit was sold by 8am on the day of the paper.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ewens Ponds/Eight Mile Creek update

DEH has released an "Analysis of Public Submissions for the Ewens Ponds Draft Management Plan Amendment". A detailed 39-page analysis of public submissions is available at . The Ewens Ponds CP Management Plan 2009 has been posted at Ewens Ponds will be available for snorkelling and scuba diving only and a permit system will be introduced to improve the management of these activities. The permit system will include the limitation of the number of snorkellers and scuba divers allowed in the ponds at any one time. Other limitations include the requirement for snorkellers and scuba divers to only be permitted to move through the channels in the same direction as the current flow. The minimal qualification will be increased to Advanced Open Water for dive permits.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Websites re exploding scuba cylinders

Re scuba cylinders made from 6351 alloy , the Luxfer website found at discusses FAQs re Sustained-load Cracking for Cylinders in Australia and New Zealand . The Queensland government websote found at is an alert to inform people who fill aluminium alloy cylinders of the risks of death and injury from cylinder explosion. The website found at may be of some interest, despite being American. Many thanks to Neville Skinner for these details.