Friday, May 25, 2012

Ed Zuckerberg,

Ed Zuckerberg, the father of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, is a dentist in Dobbs Ferry, 40km north of Brooklyn in New York. He is also a ‘committed’ diver. He thus decorated his new offices in an aquatic motif, with murals of coral. There is also a 900L aquarium between two of his examination rooms. Even more impressive is that he has no trouble at all pronouncing the Hawaiian name for a triggerfish called humuhumunukunukuapua’a.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Air fills

Terry & Rosemary Bormann, who run the Port Victoria Kiosk and Post Office, have now installed an air fill station at their premises. The station was built by an engineering firm from Sydney. It can fill 2 tanks at a time from a bank of 4 cylinders and compressor. Contact them at Pt Victoria Kiosk & PO, Pt Victoria Road (Foreshore), Pt Victoria - 08 8834 2098, e:

Tracey Kille, runs the Teal Turtle Cafe (formerly The Dive Shack) at Port Noarlunga. Their phone's 0457 998 988 & the address is 9 Saltfleet St, Pt Noarlunga 5167 (no email). Tracey's husband is an ex-Navy Clearance Diver and he is thinking about installing a compressor for air fills. They're also thinking about re-opening the two (hot) showers for use by divers. The cafe is open every day except Tuesdays and has coffee loyalty cards - buy 5 coffees & get the 6th one for free. It has been suggested that our member clubs could contact Tracey at the Teal Turtle Cafe & let her know that we think that air fills &/or showers would be a Good Thing. If (when) you call in to the cafe for a coffee, just ask Tracey what is happening about the air fills & the showers. Ask her if she’s started up a petition for them yet. Tell her that you think that they would be a good idea.


MLSSA’s 2013 calendars of SA Marine Life are now available, still at the price of $10 each. They can be previewed at . Copies will be on hand at our meetings. They are available to member clubs at the price of $7 each for fundraising. Enquiries should be made to either or .


The 2012 Adelaide Boat Show is being held from 21st-24th June at the Adelaide Showgrounds. According to the website found at , “The 51st anniversary Adelaide Boat Show in 2012 will be presented in an exciting and enlarged new format, offering something for everyone. There will be boats of all types and sizes, from the basic tinny to sophisticated cruisers, half cabs, reef runners, ski and wakeboard boats, personal watercraft, electronic equipment, fishing and safety gear. Presentations from the Farmers Union stage area include latest boaties’ fashion gear; fishing and kayaking info, filleting and cooking tips, weather and safety info. A variety of door prizes are also up for grabs! Check out Show Features and What’s On Today closer to the Show for more information.”


It has been claimed that the Australian teenager who died whilst snorkelling in Bali in April this year had taken in some air at depth from a diver before returning to the surface. He then surfaced too quickly without expelling the air sufficiently and suffered a lung embolism.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


According to the Channel 9 Brenton Ragless Almanac for 2012, Adelaide’s weather for June is usually cold, wet & windy – “On average (it) is the wettest month of the year . . . . Wind speeds on ½ of the days exceed 11km/h at 9am & 14km/h at 3pm . . .Prevailing directions are NE at 9am & SW to NW at 3pm”.


According to the Channel 9 Brenton Ragless Almanac for 2012, May’s weather (in Adelaide) is “usually cool to mild and the likelihood of showers increase” The maximum exceeds 22°C on the 6 warmest days. Winds on ½ of days exceed 10km/h at 9am from the NE and 14km/h at 3pm from the SW.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm back!

I haven't done much (any?) blogging lately. Been much too busy writing, publishing, lobbying, etc.. The cooler winter weather is creeping up in South Australia now, but I still want to keep diving here. I've had to do some solo dives lately, but really enjoyed myself. Having a camera to record my sightings really helps. My last dive was disappointing except that I found an old marble bottle over 100 years old, which really made my day. The cuttlefish will be starting to arrive at Whyalla now, so try to get up there to see them. It's good to see that Tsun-Thai Chai, my blogging mentor is now back blogging also. See Chai's Marine Life Blog.