Monday, December 22, 2008

Scuba diver drowns during 1st accredited dive

According to MICHAEL MILNES, POLICE REPORTER for The Advertiser, "A MAN who was believed to be on his first diving trip has drowned in waters near Encounter Bay.It is understood the man, 35 from Ingle Farm was scuba diving with another person at a spot referred to by locals as "Shark Alley'' between the Bluff and Wright Island this morning (December 21, 2008). Witnesses have told The Advertiser the man's diving companion was forced to inflate his safety vest underwater to get him to the surface when he lost consciousness. The man was able to attract the attention of a nearyby boat - by "waving furiously'' - that picked up the two men about 10.30am. A witness told The Advertiser the crew on the boat initially thought the man was a seal waving its flipper and almost went passed him. The crew of the boat tried to revive the man, but they were unable to. Ambulance officers were also unable to revive the man. A report will now be prepared by the coroner."

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