Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rapid Bay jetty again

At the end of May, I returned to Rapid Bay jetty again for my 2nd dive there this year. It was great for diving, with flat calm conditions allowing snorkelling out to the T section on the old jetty. My buddy & I were then able to spend a long time out under the T section. Just one thing spoiled my dive. I couldn't fire off any shots with my camera for some reason. I was able to enjoy myself once that I had gotten over it. There were ever so many fish to see, and some large cuttles too. We even managed to rescue a brown-spotted wrasse hooked on some fishing line. We had to cut the line to let it go. It's good to see that some juvenile Blue Groper are still hanging around the jetty. Unfortunately, no photos to show for this dive. I did, however, manage to take this photo of the new jetty after the dive, when checking the operation of my camera.

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