Monday, August 3, 2009

Seals at the Bluff

On 3 occasions this year, I've been fortunate enough to see some seals either prior to, or after (but not during) my dives. 1 occasion was at 2nd Valley when I didn't have a camera handy. The other 2 times were both at the Bluff, Victor Harbor, when I managed some shots (with my old camera). I have posted some of these photos at


Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Wow! Seals!

I have never seen one playing in the water. But I have seen one basking in the sun.

Do they usually come in a group?


Steve Reynolds said...

Hi Chai, we occasionally see seals whilst diving. We often see then either before or after dives too. there were 2 together at the Bluff that day. My latest post today includes details about us seeing lots of seals in small groups all around Port Elliot. Steve