Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dismay over Sunday Mail's promotion of SA restaurant selling shark fin soup

On April 18th, Adelaide's Sunday Mail ran a 2-page spread about a local restaurant selling a seafood soup of which shark fin was a main ingredient. Residents of Adelaide responded beautifully, with the 1st response to the item on the AdelaideNow website being posted 1st thing Sunday morning. Many of SA's divers & scientists have now expressed their dismay. There had been some 150 responses within a few days, several of them coming from overseas. My own response read: - "Clearly the Sunday Mail has overstepped the mark by promoting shark fin soup in this era. I'm glad to see that Adelaide has responded en masse. But this is not the end of the matter. It will be brought to the attention of a wider audience which expected to express its dismay in a huge way." Dive Log magazine & SportDiving magazine have offered to make a stand against the Mail's thoughtlessness in promoting both the restaurant and the meal. The page 24 article can also be read at Be sure to study the numerous responses to the article.

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