Sunday, November 21, 2010


The (3 years old) web page found at says, “it is not unusual to be confronted by schools of sweep waiting for the bread that many divers bring with them”. If this is so, it needs a big re-think when one considers the following details: -

Tim Folwell and his wife were snorkelling at the Port Noarlunga reef last summer when someone threw a loaf of bread off the jetty. All of a sudden, the fish that they had been swimming with before suddenly turned on Tim and started biting him all over the body. (It is assumed that Tim was not wearing a wetsuit at the time of his snorkel at the reef.) A few days later he got very sick. The wound became infected, the bacteria spread to his aorta and developed into staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome, which resulted in him losing 80% of his skin. Once the infection got into his blood stream, it caused a septic shock in which all the organs in the body were starved of essential oxygen and blood and began to fail. Tim’s kidneys failed, his liver began to fail and his heart wasn't working properly. After months in intensive care in the burns unit, he had a leg amputated and had to learn to walk with prosthesis at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre. Tim’s story was told on ABC TV’s “Stateline” program and it can be seen at .

We tried to contact the owner of the web page found at, but the email address was invalid.

On Sunday 21st November, it was reported that snorkellers were in the water (a.m.) with bread (one person had 2 loaves).

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