Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ex-HMAS Adelaide update

The decommissioned frigate, the ex-HMAS Adelaide was sunk off Avoca Beach on the New South Wales Central Coast to become a dive wreck on 13th April. More than 10,000 spectators watched the sinking of the Adelaide. It took 2 minutes for her to sink after 16 separate explosive devices were detonated.

A good photo can be seen at .

Early photos of divers visiting the wreck, taken by Robb Westerdyk, can be seen at . Within 1 month of the Adelaide’s scuttling, 2 navigational buoys had been sabotaged at the site. The police said that the offenders removed the buoys sometime between May 1 and May 13. Read more at According to the web page found at , “Divers will pay a minimum of $78 for a look at the wreck of the former HMAS Adelaide . . . . Divers with their own boat and gear will pay $18 per head and a $60 mooring fee. Commercial operators are expected to charge $80 for divers with gear or $140 for those requiring equipment. . . All divers must make a booking with accredited dive operators or Central Coast Tourism to obtain a permit.”

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