Wednesday, January 4, 2012


SDFSA member clubs have decided to get-together once more in 2012 for a dive & BBQ. The get-together will be located at Rapid Bay on 26th February (with back-up dates of 11/3 & 18/3). There will be an a.m. dive followed by a p.m. BBQ and 3 competitive events. The tides are apparently good for diving that morning (26/2). Dives can be made by boat or at the 2 jetties. The Coastal Waters Dive Club is the reigning champion, having won all 2011 events. The Sea Wolves aim to change all of that in 2012. They are challenging all clubs to take them on. They will also provide a marquee for the day. The SDF is providing prizes and trophies, including the famous ‘Gold Lead’ award, for the events. Clubs are requested to organise one event each on the day. They can choose from volleyball, tug-o-war, 1-flipper race, fin toss and balloon tossing. The SDFSA needs clubs to confirm their participation immediately.

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