Thursday, May 24, 2012

Air fills

Terry & Rosemary Bormann, who run the Port Victoria Kiosk and Post Office, have now installed an air fill station at their premises. The station was built by an engineering firm from Sydney. It can fill 2 tanks at a time from a bank of 4 cylinders and compressor. Contact them at Pt Victoria Kiosk & PO, Pt Victoria Road (Foreshore), Pt Victoria - 08 8834 2098, e:

Tracey Kille, runs the Teal Turtle Cafe (formerly The Dive Shack) at Port Noarlunga. Their phone's 0457 998 988 & the address is 9 Saltfleet St, Pt Noarlunga 5167 (no email). Tracey's husband is an ex-Navy Clearance Diver and he is thinking about installing a compressor for air fills. They're also thinking about re-opening the two (hot) showers for use by divers. The cafe is open every day except Tuesdays and has coffee loyalty cards - buy 5 coffees & get the 6th one for free. It has been suggested that our member clubs could contact Tracey at the Teal Turtle Cafe & let her know that we think that air fills &/or showers would be a Good Thing. If (when) you call in to the cafe for a coffee, just ask Tracey what is happening about the air fills & the showers. Ask her if she’s started up a petition for them yet. Tell her that you think that they would be a good idea.

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