Tuesday, December 29, 2015


The 2016 MLSSA Calendar is now available at the usual price of $10 ea + postage ($8 ea for MLSSA members). Some calendars are available for sale from Underwater Sports Diving Centre, Diving Adelaide, The Scuba Clinic and the Conservation Council of SA. You can order your copy by contacting: Steve Reynolds: (08) 8248 3008 Mb: 0401821264 Email: reynoldss@adam.com.au or Phill McPeake: (08) 8384 1156 Mb: 0414373444 Email:prmcpeake@internode.on.net . Visit https://www.facebook.com/Marine-Life-SA-calendars-238264916242379/ for further details. Visit www.mlssa.org.au for more details.

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